Thyrocare agent will fix the appointment. 10-12 Hrs fasting is necessary. Blood sample will be collected from your home @Free of cost. Make the Payment to Thyrocare Technician when comes to pick up samples. Report hard copy will be couriered in 3/4 days. Report soft copy within 48 Hrs via email.

Thyrocare Aarogyam Packages

Blood Test for Diabetes-HbA1c

Diabetes - HbA1c Test

The (HbA1c) test is one of the main ways in which Type 2 Diabetes is diagnosed.

"HbA1c Shows average Blood glucose level over the Period of last 90 days"

Actual Price: Rs.600/-
  • Discounted Price: Rs 300/-
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    Thyroid Function Test-Thyroid Disorders

    Thyroid Checkup (5Test)

    1. T3,FT3
    2. T4,FT4
    3. TSH

    Hypothyroidsim High TSH Level with a low FT4 level. Hyperthyroidsim Low TSH level with high FT4 Level and high FT3 level. Thyroid Disorder Abnormal TSH level together with normal FT4 levels indicate that you may be at Risk of developing Thyroid.

    Actual Price: Rs.900/-
  • Discounted Price:Rs 600/-
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    About Thyrocare Aarogyam

    Thyrocare Lab is India's first and most advanced Totally Automated Laboratory having its strong presence in more than 2000 cities / towns in India and internationally. Thyrocare India's first fully automated diagnostic laboratory with a focus on providing quality at affordable costs to laboratories and hospitals in India With a belief that 'Quality' is the heart of any intelligent management, Thyrocare Lab became one of the first Indian diagnostic laboratories to obtain internationally renowned quality accreditations like ISO 9001-2000 rating as early as 2001, which is now escalated to ISO 9001:2008 and CAP (College of American Pathologists) certification in 2007 .

    About Thyrosure Checkup

    Thyrosure is the authorized DSA of Thyrocare Technologies Ltd., Mumbai. We provide preventive Thyrocare Aarogyam packages which are affordable to everyone at 22000 collection centers in more than 2000 cities with free home service across India.

    Tax Benefit

    Save Tax upto Rs 5000/- under Section 80 D. You can avail Rs 5000/- for the cost spent for Thyrocare Aarogyam Packages for self, spouse, children or parents.

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    BMI (Body Mass Index)

    Healthy Weight

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    Underweight: < 18.5

    Healthy weight : 18.5 - 24.9

    Overweight: 25 - 29.9

    Obese: ≥ 30

    Get HbA1c / CBC 30 Test @Rs 99.00 & Magnesium / Urine 20 Test @Rs 299.00

    Thyrocare Offers !

    Aarogyam B -Basic Health Checkup
    Get HbA1c/CBC 30Test @Rs 99/- Book Basic Health Checkup (Aarogyam B Package) Thyroid,Liver,Lipid,Kidney etc 30+30Test @Rs 600+99/- Click Here to Book Online Today!
    DSA Paleo Profime M-Annual Health Checkup Plus
    Get Magnesium/Urine 20Test @Rs 299/- Annual Health Checkup Plus-83Test (DSA Paleo Profile M) TSH,HbA1c,LFT,Lipid,KFT,CBC,Vita D...63+20 Test @Rs 1000+299/- Click Here to Book Online Today!